Sri Lanka’s 1st modern steel manufacturing facility
gets constructed at Oruwala, Athurugiriya


01 Km long, Sri Lanka’s 1st Steel Rolling Mill
under construction


Surroundings of the plant at Oruwala —unpopulated and abandoned in the ‘60s


Steel Rolling Mill nearing completion


on March 20th, the 1st bundles of un-ribbed, plain 260 grade re-bars rollout from the steel mill, spearheading a new chapter in the infrastructure development of the country.


A masterpiece of Architecture by Jeffry Bawa, Sri Lanka’s 1st steel headquarters


Entrepreneur Nandana Lokuwithana takes over the steel giant from CHICO of Korea


Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited manufactures 500 grade Quench and Self Tempered Rebars for the 1st time in Sri Lanka


Complementing its stance on its carbon footprint, the plants of Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited lay sprawled in a garden of green.


Heritage of Lanwa

Quality | Standards | Affordability | Responsibility | Delivered

As a state-owned entity, Ceylon Steel Corporation had its beginnings in 1960 with the full patronage of the then Russian government and their superlative technology and production methodology.

Why Choose Lanwa?

For Quality Raw Materials
LANWA is the only steel manufacturer in Sri Lanka that does not source…
For Our Stance on Sustainability
Our entire production facility is ISO 14001:2015. Which means, we are seriously focused on what we...
For Standards of Production
All our products undergo a quality production...
As we Shoulder Social Responsibility…
We believe, as a responsible corporate citizen, the true quality…
As we Responsively Drive the Economy…
We are committed and unwavering in settling our dues…
As we are Exemplary Citizens…
Going beyond the call of duty, LANWA and its staff rally...

Products of Lanwa

Trendsetter in Value-Addition
LANWA QT Bars are manufactured using the Quench and Self Tempered...
The only manufacturer in Sri Lanka who hot-dip galvanize...
Our pre-galvanized product range goes as Tubes –Square Tubes, Rectangular...
LANWA BRC mesh is spot weld using high-tech technology...
LANWA GI Mesh is known for its strong weld and corrosion free long...
Strong shank, sharp diamond cut point and well-formed non-slipping...
We customize production to match your specific requirements in plate...
Our hot dip galvanizing plant is ISO 1461:2009 compliant for coatings on...

Quality Policy of Lanwa

Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited, with its brand presence as LANWA Sanstha Wane, is the foremost steel manufacturer that has won the trust of a discerning clientele for generations for its quality, standards and affordability.

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