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Quality policy

Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited is committed for the continual improvement of the Quality Management System while abiding by the vision of being the foremost manufacturer of quality steel products that fulfill the demands of the construction industry and the customer base island wide.

We are also steadfastly focused on the quality of the raw materials we use, standards of manufacture through monitoring, control and satisfying applicable requirements; we also employ a trained work-force who continuously monitor and review the effectiveness of the incorporated Quality Management Systems.

Our annual targets and productivity is measured against the incorporated quality parameters.

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Environmental Policy

Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited is the foremost manufacturer of Re-bars and steel wire products in Sri Lanka, employing manufacturing processes that are environmental friendly.

Through conscious and concerted efforts, Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited strives to conduct all its environmentally friendly operations with minimum impact on the components of the environment, particularly the air, water, soil, while optimizing the usage of raw material and minimizing waste.

We are committed,

  • To comply with compliance obligations along with other requirements to which the organization has subscribed to in relation to its environmental aspects.
  • For the continual improvement and protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and other specific commitments throughout the operation including new designs and developments.
  • To continuously improve existing safe environmental practices, whilst developing new methods through the use of environmentally viable technologies and through the enhancement of environmental performance.
  • To engage our employees and business associates in our Environmental Protection Programmes.
  • To communicate our environmental policy to all persons working for or on behalf the organization whilst ensuring that this policy is available to the general public.
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Labor Policy

Our success is built on the sagacity and strategy;
sweat and toil of every single employee

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