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A warm welcome to our news and events page. Now you can browse through and know what's happening at Ceylon Steel Corporation today, with stories covering the latest news across our company and platform. We believe news and events are a vital part of communication with our stakeholders. Further, company news and events can really help us engage with our various audiences, covering a broad spectrum.
Keeping up with current events lets you know what is going on at Ceylon Steel Corporation and therefore lets you learn about our different engagements with our employees and our varying stakeholders who directly and indirectly contribute to the sustenance of the organization.
Ceylon Steel Corporation is the foremost manufacturer in Sri Lanka with countless decades of experience. We have had a lasting relationship with the industrialization of Sri Lanka. In order to bring our products closer to our diverse range of customers, we work with an extensive chain of steel distributors in Sri Lanka who distribute our "LANWA Sanstha Wane" products far and wide, touching the length and breadth of our entire nation. We have infused state-of-the-art technology and plant expansion to play a role as a leader and trendsetter in the steel industry.
在露营中利用赞助的创新电视台介绍兰瓦 主题--寻求突破性的创新-来自整个斯里兰卡
方式:主办高级别代表团的活动 地点: 港口城市 人员:BOI官员等